Effect and side effects of Dianabol (Metandienone)

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Dianabol has proven to be an extremely effective remedy. With it, muscle fibers begin to grow faster, which leads to weight gain as well as increased endurance and strength. This is due to the accelerated synthesis of protein and glycogenesis in the body.

In the modern world, athletes are increasingly turning to various prohibited and legal drugs when playing sports to significantly increase muscle mass, improve athletic performance, and maintain better athletic shape. One such drug is the well-known steroid Dianabol.

Effect and side effects of Dianabol (Metandienone)

Dianabol is also known by another name: methandrostenolone (in wide circles – methane). The distinguishing features of Dianabol are: high efficiency, ease of use, quick results, which is especially noticeable in terms of muscle mass growth and weight gain with loads of energy.

This steroid has been used by many famous athletes from many different sports, the drug has definitely proven itself.

Dianabol remains a popular aspect of sports pharmacokinetics in our time, many use it to build muscle mass and increase endurance, and they also use various Dianabol-containing compounds to further increase efficiency.

What effect can be achieved by taking Dianabol?

The manifestation of the main efficacy of the drug is the rapid increase in the mass of muscle groups due to active protein synthesis.

At the same time, there is an increase in strength indicators.

  • Increases appetite.
  • Fat burning is minimal.
  • The skeletal system is strengthened.
  • It has a low androgen index.

This steroid is considered the most popular in bodybuilding and safety circles.
Methandienone (Methane) differs in that the effect of ingestion on the course can be seen immediately. First, the tone and strength increase. He has self-confidence and desire to play sports.

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What effect can be achieved by taking Dianabol?

Here are the main effects:

  • fill up maybe methane is one of the best in the area. Another question is the quality and quantity of this mass. In order to improve the quality and quantity of muscle mass, additional intake of steroids and concomitant medications is needed.
  • strength indicators increase many times over, so Dianabol is often used to increase strength indicators.
  • increases the production of amino acids in cells. The substance acts on cellular receptors, causing them to produce proteins;
  • you stop feeling joint pain. This is due to water retention in the joint pockets;
  • you recover quickly after a workout. This is due to the fact that Dianabol allows you to quickly replenish blood glycogen stores; Your appetite increases (it is important to replace energy losses with healthy food);
  • you feel the anti-catabolic effect of the tablets;
  • increased appetite, which allows you to build muscle faster
  • accelerated protein synthesis leads to more intensive protein production
  • strength and endurance increase
  • bone tissue gets more micronutrients and calcium

This reduces the level of stress hormones so that the muscles do not break down even in stressful moments.
you feel good, you are in the mood, you have strength and you want to play sports; the skeletal system only gets stronger.

With proper use of Dianabol in just a few weeks you can gain about 7-10 kg of muscle mass. Thanks to him, some athletes were able to overcome the plateau in basic exercises and move to a completely different level. The drug is very common in weightlifting and strength sports.

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Side effects

Due to the high androgenic factor, the drug can cause severe acne on the face and body. Pimples usually disappear after the course, but their symptomatic treatment with anti-inflammatory ointments and special antibacterial agents is recommended. The drug significantly affects the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicular arch, so after the course the level of your own testosterone drops. If you do not take antiestrogens, there may be manifestations of gynecomastia and an increase in body fat.

Side effects

Dianabol is liver toxic, so its use is not recommended for people with liver disease, as well as for those suffering from hepatitis. It is better to choose other drugs. It is understood that the drug does not meet the training plan for you and the diet for weight gain. If a person has problems with nutrition, then everything that he receives during the Dianabol course will be immediately “drained” at the end. After the course, the training volume should be reduced (fewer exercises and approaches), but the intensity (working weight) should remain the same. You should rest more between workouts, but focus on maintaining the working weight. This will help not to “empty” the mass immediately.

It is understood that the competent selection of dosages and drugs should minimize side effects. They should be tested for sex hormones, liver enzymes and thyroid hormones to rule out contraindications. After the course, tests and competent post-cycle therapy are also required. Normally it is not recommended to take steroids if there is no means or desire for all of this.

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